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How do you swap crypto to crypto?

Have you checked out our “Swap” page yet? Here’s how to find it and use it!

Step 1

  • Head to our website.
  • Hover over Buy / Sell, and click on “Swap Crypto”.

Step 2

  • From the drop-down menu, choose the ticker of the crypto you wish to purchase. By default, this is set to BTC. Enter the cryptocurrency amount you want to send, and the other field will auto-populate with what you will receive back. By default, the second currency selected is ETH, but you can select any of Changelly’s supported 140+ cryptocurrencies!
  • Tick the box that says “I agree with Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”, after reading these. These are Changelly’s terms, not BitPrime’s, so it’s important to read these thoroughly.
  • Press “Exchange”.

 Step 3

  • You’ll need to create an account for Changelly if you’ve not used their platform before. It’s very quick!

Step 4

  • Enter the wallet address of where you will be RECEIVING the cryptocurrency.
  • Hit continue.
  • If you click on “Support”, it will take you to a new tab, where you can browse the Changelly Knowledge Base. 

Step 5

  • Send the cryptocurrency you’re sending to the address beside the screenshot.
  • The transaction ID will be in the bottom right corner.
  • Identifying features have been removed from this screencap.

Step 6

  • Once you’ve sent your crypto to the provided address, just wait for your crypto to come to your chosen wallet from step 4!
  • If you need any additional support, please search on the Changelly knowledgebase, email us via, or talk to our friendly support staff through the livechat window on our website! 

Last updated 07/04/2021

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