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8 Top Blockchain-Based Content Creator Platforms in 2022

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8 Top Blockchain-Based Content Creator Platforms in 2022

The world is constantly changing and offers people unique opportunities that we never had before. Take a look at the branch of art. It was hard to find a buyer, and some outstanding masters, like Van Gogh, were left without any money to live. Some of their pictures stayed unknown long after their life. However, the times have changed now. Let’s learn about the new star player in the market that helps prosperous artists to shine bright!

The Internet and social media were a helping hand. Earlier, when one designed a neat image, they may have had no place to represent it and earn money; now, the person can collect “likes” and earn. When using ads and SEO tools, he increases his audience. The process of making people see and know your works and brand is the driving force of popularity.

Yet, here is one minor issue with that. When one adds anything to the web, they make it publicly available. That means that the funny images you once have drawn would not belong to you any longer. On the web, other users get the opportunity to use them and transform them into new shapes, and you will barely receive money for that, if at all. Most likely, you won’t.

Thus, new blockchain-based technology provides the solution. The decentralised creator economy occurred with its smart contract technology. A bright example is the decentralised creation platforms which gave growth to the development of NFT in visual arts. They offer transparent rules and equitable rewards to users—the focus on decentralisation results in respect for liberty and rights. Below, we represent the list of the Top Blockchain-Based Content Creator Platforms in 2022. Keep reading to learn more!



It is a decentralised P2P method to host, distribute, and promote video content that utilises smart contracts. With the latter, all participants who watch and publish content win.
The main idea of the platform is that the users and viewers are the computing power for watching videos. Earlier it was some centralised platform and its servers (as in the case of YouTube, for example.)

Users share and give additional bandwidth to operations. As a result, it costs a low price to stream content of high quality. To get more inspiration, just hear the list of mentors who work with Theta. There is YouTube co-founder Steve Chen and others. Moreover, Google, Samsung, Binance, and Sony Europe validate the system.

You can learn more about or buy THETA token here.


Content Box

IMAGE SOURCE: contentbox.one

The platform aims to build a blockchain-based ecosystem for the digital content industry of the future. ContentBox is decentralised, self-contained, and open-source, unlike traditional centralised media. It possesses a content pool, a common user pool, and a unified payment system. Thus, it changes the rules for big player monopoly in the industry of digital content. It saves users from bearing the highest share of the production cost and piracy. It also rewards users for curating content. The process helps lower profit-sharing disputes and operational costs for accounting and reporting.

Content creators value the growing possibility of monetisation with a shorter payback period. Content Box does its best to always pay on time. A fast and secure blockchain is the heart of the system. It is designed to help various web and mobile applications share digital content and user databases more efficiently. Likewise, it processes payments quickly without transferring control over them to third parties.



Unexpectedly, it is the product of Disney! The Dragonchain project and the DRGN cryptocurrency are innovative open-source blockchain ecosystems. The global goal pursued by the creators is to provide any business with a ready-made platform. Thus, they will easily add their applications to the blockchain. Besides, the performance is outstanding for deploying blockchain apps and smart contracts.

The main principles of the platform are its security. It has five levels of validation and the ability to work with different programming languages. Additionally, it supports libraries of intellectual property. You can expand currency realisation options.



Steem is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform of the same name. It aims to support written content. Users can earn from their original content if the community supports the publications with their votes. You can receive votes and give them to others. Thus, it promotes blogs, messages, articles, and comments. Steemit works as a social media application (DApp).

The interface is similar to Reddit, with various topics to discuss for clubs and popular posts. It encourages people to reveal their talent and extraordinary thoughts and rewards them. Thus, it seems a great idea to write or contact BestWritersOnline to assist you with unique papers. The economy of Steemit operates with the threefold token types.

  • Steemit is a social media platform for people to receive money by commenting, posting, and upvoting other users' posts.
  • STEEM POWER implies that you can give more money or rev up STEEM to get a higher status.
  • STEEM Dollars (SBD) is a virtual currency that operates similarly to a stable coin matching Bittrex and OpenLedger.

According to its website, Steemit claims that hosts more than 1 million users. One remarkable example on the social network received almost $30 thousand for the original video.




Whether you are a photographer or graphic designer, you have one more option. Pixsy is a helping hand for creative people to share their visual content. Use it to get copyrighting for your unique images which result in earning more money.

The technology mixes image scanning software with qualified legal experts. Thus, authors may protect their works and portfolios from image piracy. Pixsy is out of a box solution that is a pleasure to use. You install it fast and work without any special preparation. So you do not need any coder or special skills.

About titles, Pixsy got the name of the best online image protection platform! It cooperates with Binded (an image copyright platform working on the blockchain bases). Binded provides every added image with its own fingerprint saved to the bitcoin blockchain database. Soon, the rightful owner receives a Copywrite certificate as official proof.


Aioz Network

IMAGE SOURCE: aioz.network

That is a sophisticated system of a distributed CDN built on its blockchain.

The Aioz network (AIOZ) is a blockchain-based content-delivery network. It highlights the brand new era of streaming on the Internet.

To better understand this, it is enough to imagine that the user is watching a video on his phone. The net of numerous servers (CDN - Content Delivery Network) in different locations operates to provide him with that video today. Instead, the AIOZ network creates a distributed content delivery network (dCDN). That is a high level representing a shift in the stream's video delivery.

In dCDN, the video comes from one of the many nodes - an ordinary person paid to store and deliver content from their device using an application. With AIOZ Network, a user can benefit in two ways: by working as a node or as an investor. To become a node and get $ AIOZ tokens as a reward, download the application! The Node app allows the device to store and deliver content, allowing investors to earn passive income.




This platform is pure entertainment for game, music, sports, and videos lovers. You42 is a social media platform based on the crypto/blockchain environment featuring the cryptocurrency, U42, an ERC20 token. You can use it to purchase ads in a per-use or per-display model based on the bid set by the platform at the time of purchase of the third-party participants.

The goal of You42 is to provide authors and influencers with the techniques to monetise their creative samples. The platform is a mixture of fantastic music, video, and games in terms of content.



Neo is a non-commercial blockchain project with an active developer community. It uses blockchain and digital ID to digitalise assets and automate its management using smart contracts. It is designed to develop scalable decentralised applications. The platform has its currency, the NEO token. We need the latter to generate GAS tokens that are good to pay transaction fees. Thus, one can run applications on the network.

The project aims to create a new model of economic relations between people and consists of three main components.

  • Digital Assets - Digital assets exist as electronic data. With it, assets can be trustful, transparent, traceable, free of intermediaries, and decentralised.
  • Digital Identity - Identity information in the electronic data form is referred to as digital identity.
  • Smart Contract - Developers do not need to learn a new programming language working with NEO.


Why Use Blockchain-Based Technologies?

As we can see, blockchain-based technologies are at the beginning of their era. They offer new approaches to respecting the property and work of people. These technologies give more space and freedom through blockchains transparency and decentralisation. The system is profitable for the advertisers and creators alike as they do not require anyone from the side to work. They reward authors directly.

Thus, think of the content you create, your time and effort, and try the technology out. Good luck in your endeavours!



About the author:

Max Mitchell is the latest alumnus of our content marketing department. He is very passionate about typing, creating complicated spreadsheets, and consuming an inhuman amount of caffeine. Nevertheless, he is also the creative type of individual who will always find a new perspective on topics of interest.


The above references an opinion and is for informational purposes only. Do not take this as personalised financial advice or investment advice. The views expressed by the author do not necessarily represent the opinion of BitPrime.


Last updated: 27/04/2022

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