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8 Innovative Blockchain Projects in New Zealand

New Zealand makes an extraordinary contribution to the technology sector, and blockchain is no exception. Let's take a look at some exciting projects being developed here now!


Āhau – A community management & digital identity platform

Blockchain Projects in New Zealand - Ahau

Āhau is a data management platform for tribal trusts to develop and connect their communities and manage assets (including personal identity). This project is in development within Centrality’s Accelerator programme. The owner of the data can grant permission to view the stored information via cryptographic keys. Iwi, Hapū or individuals can then access information such as their whakapapa (ancestry).

Āhau is co-founded by Kaye-Maree Dunn, Ben Tairea, and Sam Kaw. Dunn has spent over ten years in the Public and Community Development sector and is passionate about blockchain technology. Tairea is also interested in new technologies and business development. Kaw has spent 12 years in the ICT industry and has extensive knowledge in software development.



Blockchain Projects in New Zealand - CarbonClick
CarbonClick's Co-Founders Paul Brady & Jan Czaplicki

Worldwide, there's an increasing desire for individuals and businesses to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions. With such an initiative, it's hugely important to have confidence that your money is going where it should. After all, offsetting is a billion-dollar industry, with little regulation and less “proof of work”. A report from 2010 found many offsetting projects were scams with the perpetrators pocketing the money instead of planting trees.

This is where CarbonClick makes a difference. Co-founded by Jan Czaplicki and Paul Brady, CarbonClick offers a simple, transparent solution for offsetting that's built on blockchain technology. The tech makes transparency across all parties involved in the process possible, down to the exact trees planted. Former Air New Zealand employees, Czaplicki and Brady worked on the airline’s carbon offset programme including calculating the exact costs to combat emissions from each kilometre of travel. Realising that current systems are too complicated for most, they set out to fix this challenge.

“Today’s consumers, especially millennials, increasingly make purchasing decisions based on a brand’s sustainability credentials. 62% of those we interviewed said they want businesses to take responsibility for their environmental impact”. – CarbonClick

People are more likely to offset emissions if they know their money is going where intended and it’s easy to see the impact they make. To make their purchase carbon-friendly, customers click the Green Button to add a few cents/dollars to their total. They receive an email detailing the project the money went to and learn about the positive impact the project is having.

Similarly, companies are more likely to provide carbon offsetting options if the solution integrates with existing infrastructure. CarbonClick has made this possible with both API and Plugin options that can easily be added to existing websites. “Consumers have told us they want to know they are part of a movement/group. So, we're offering every business a dashboard that speaks to the cumulative impact - but also connects the consumer with other sustainability initiatives that the business is doing” said Czaplicki.

The Green Button - CarbonClick
By clicking the Green Button customers can easily add a few cents to make purchases carbon-friendly.

As for the current project CarbonClick has partnered with, Ekos, a non-profit enterprise, grows and protects native forests throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Two examples of their work include reforesting 91ha of farmland in Rameka Forest, Golden Bay, and protecting the 738ha Rarakau Rainforest in Southland.

Blockchain Projects in New Zealand - CarbonClick


Blockchain Projects in New Zealand - CentraPass

CentraPass is an identity verification platform designed to make check-in faster for solo and group travellers across all tourism businesses. Co-founded by Sam Brodie, Rob Brough and Andy Higgs, CentraPass will save time for both travellers and businesses alike using blockchain technology.

Have you ever gone skydiving, whale watching, or on a guided tour? Remember having to fill out indemnity forms, paper registration forms and the like? This is what CentraPass promises to help minimise at every touchpoint on a traveller’s journey, including the airport!


“CinemaLogic brings two next generation platforms specifically for the theatrical film industry to benefit both distributors and exhibitors in optimising theatrical revenues globally”.

CinemaLogic is designed to “bridge the gap between distributors and exhibitors” in the theatrical film industry. Using smart contracts, the platform automates the release of films to theatres and enables real-time distribution monitoring.



Pocketful is a platform designed to manage payments through a social sharing crypto wallet. It will help ensure transparency within situations such as flats and joint accounts. Co-founded by Steve Adams and James McGregor-Macdonald, the app is perfect for budgeting household expenditure.

Additionally, Pocketful provides landlords and property managers with the ability to manage tenant requests for maintenance and scheduling flat inspections.


SingleSource is a decentralised identity and risk scoring platform designed to help businesses with KYC (know your customer) compliance while protecting customer’s private information.

Compliance is a necessary part of business, particularly so for any dealing with the exchange of large sums of money (e.g. us!). Unfortunately, current solutions tend to make the onboarding of new customers more complicated than one would like. With SingleSource, this changes completely!

Businesses can be confident that they are meeting all regulatory requirements, and customers can experience a seamless, simple sign up process.


TrackBack has combined IoT, blockchain and smart contracts to provide tracking, traceability, and efficiency to global supply chains. The company delivers a complete, transparent, immutable and automated traceability solution, proving the provenance and history of products, right through to end consumer.

You've heard of dApps before. Well, that's what TrackBack is. A decentralised application that allows consumers to trace the origins of the product they are buying. Pretty handy, isn't it!



Yabble is a data place where consumers and brands can ethically exchange data and earn rewards; think: answer surveys, receive vouchers. Co-founded by Kathryn Topp and Rachel O’Shea, Yabble aims to "disrupt" the insights industry with its consumer-to-brand marketplace, which turned over more than $1m in its first year!

blockchain projects in new zealand



Do you know any other uses of blockchain in New Zealand? Let us know in the comments below!


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Last updated: 07/01/2020

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