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How do I add a security PIN?

Reading Time: 1 minute Jaxx Security Pin The Jaxx wallet has a security PIN function which is required upon sending coins from the wallet....
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How do I backup my Jaxx wallet?

Reading Time: 1 minute Jaxx Wallet Backup Phrase When a new Jaxx wallet is created, a 12-word backup phrase is generated as well. This...
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How do I update Jaxx? (Mac OS & Windows)

Reading Time: 1 minute Update Jaxx To easily update Jaxx wallet visit their site and download the latest version for your device. Important Ensure you...
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How do I send Cryptocurrency using Jaxx?

Reading Time: 1 minute Send Cryptocurrency Using Jaxx If you wish to send Cryptocurrency using Jaxx you will need the receiver’s wallet address. For example,...
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