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About Us

Our mission

After the most recent Global Financial Crisis,  more and more people have concerns about the central bank controlled monetary system, political interference, and the general sustainability of the current economic model. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general were created as a direct response to these concerns.
BitPrime set out to respond to the growing need for secure cryptocurrency retail trading for all New Zealanders. We are passionate about being part of this alternative de-centralised system, and the autonomy and empowerment it offers to the individual. However, these new systems and technology are a paradigm shift that leaves some feeling challenged and unsure how to get started. Therefore, our mission is twofold:  

NZ’s most trusted cryptocurrency retailer for service, education, and support

BitPrime brings the human interactions back to a normally very automated and sterile industry. Due to our high-end service model, our customers know who they are dealing with. 

Our systems are designed to process the orders quickly, while our team of experts are available to give individualised service to larger orders and cater to specific customer needs.

We’re passionate about providing quality content as NZ’s go-to for cryptocurrency information and education. At BitPrime, we provide content that is accessible to the non-techie investors, along with more advanced information for the seasoned investor.

Many beginners out there feel overwhelmed and unsure about getting involved in cryptocurrencies. We aim to bring your concerns to the light, decoding the world of cryptocurrency so you feel reassured, just as you would trading in the regular stock market. BitPrime offers education and support on setting up wallets for safer storing of your funds. Along with wider information regarding developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Fast, secure & reliable trading

Our state of the art systems run by our team of enthusiastic professionals ensures you get what you want exactly when you need it. We are very different to your typical ‘bare-bones’ exchange.

BitPrime chooses to operate as a cryptocurrency retailer, whereby you purchase from directly from our own reserves, rather than a third party. When you place an order we transfer the funds directly to a wallet that you specify.

We don’t hold or manage your funds like an exchange or broker does, avoiding the significant counter-party risks that these options entail. All of your cryptocurrency purchases are sent directly to your own wallets which you control directly. So in the unlikely event of a hack or if we went out of business, you’re not at risk because we don’t hold any of your hard earned money.

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